Getting prescription and maintenance drugs can cost a fortune especially when there are only limited pharmacies that are licensed to sell and administer them. People in need of maintenance and prescription drugs have complained bitterly about the exorbitant rates that they get to pay for the licensed prices offering them for sale and administration- these complaints seem to be gradually dwindling as there are speculations that people in the U.S for instance can get their drugs from pharmacies at a much cheaper rate.

World has been in the news for a while and is renowned for being the hub for cheaper drugs and medications. The obvious difference in the prices of drugs bought from other pharmacies and the cheap rates gotten from Canadian Pharmacies have made patients tilt towards buying from any known Canadian Pharmacy. The question however is this, why are drugs from the Canadian Pharmacy cheaper?

The first reason for this reduction in price, as explained by experts is that the Canadian government regulates the prices of drugs being sold by the pharmacies. The review and ultimate regulations of these drugs are done by the Patented Medicine Prices Review- this board decides whether the pricing for a drug is excessive or reasonable and those considered to be excessive are not allowed to go on the market. What this government regulatory exercise do is to have a benchmark for the prices of all drugs to be sold or administered by licensed Canadian Pharmacies.

If we are to compare this act by the Canadian government and its resultant reduction in prices of drugs, the United States, for instance, does not interfere or negotiate the prices of drugs for manufacturers or pharmacies, this is because they are prohibited by law from doing so. Since the Canadian Pharmacy gets patents from the government, they are bound by the rules of the government when it comes to price regulations and fixing.

The Canadian Pharmacy World is largely controlled by regulatory boards and authorities that have been empowered by the government. What this implies is that there are strict rules and incentives to be put in place before new drugs can be produced- this post more control over the ones that they have in stock and it is easier to ensure that none of the existing drugs are given any exorbitant rates.

Now that we understand that the prices of drugs in Canadian Pharmacies are cheaper when compared with their US counterparts, here is a list of Canadian Pharmacies that you can order drugs from and get them shipped to you in the U.S. Please note that you have to make inquires from the Canadian Pharmacy International Association; CIPA’s website to ascertain that the pharmacy you are about to ship drugs from is licensed to do so. Here are a few of pharmacies that you can export drugs from at a cheaper rate in Canada:

Some of the few pharmacies that you can export drugs from at a cheaper rate in Canada are Can Pharm, Canada drugs direct and Canada pharmacy for human-related prescription drugs while you can get pet drugs from World Pet Express and Total Pet Supply.