If you are going through a divorce procedure or negotiating custody of a child, then you will likely need experienced and qualified family lawyers Sydney to represent your interests. This will be a moment of great stress, anxiety and confusion about what lies in store with your future and that of the other spouse, a scenario that can be heartbreaking for those directly and indirectly involved.

Family lawyer

Yet you should understand that as a client, you have certain rights that are afforded to you as a citizen, with much of the responsibility lying with the family lawyer you have hired. Given the amount of money invested in a solicitor, they have to uphold a strong degree of professionalism that ensures your interests are being looked after.


Failing that benchmark, you should understand as client that you have the ability to fire your representative if the moment calls for it. Here we will outline some scenarios where you are perfectly entitled to let your family lawyer go as you explore a superior alternative.

Failing to Communicate


The family lawyer does not necessarily have to be in communication with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only will they require their own personal time, but there will be other ongoing cases that necessitate their attention. However, if phone calls, emails, texts and letters go unanswered for days on end and consultations are regularly delayed or canceled, you have the right to fire them for negligence.

Distracted By External Matters


As we have mentioned about other cases, a certified family lawyer will be invested in a series of ongoing matters that speaks to their expertise. However, if their concentration is compromised during meetings, consultations and hearings whilst they are meant to be representing you, then that is a conflict of interest. That should signal a red flag where the professional relationship has to cease.

Discussing Deals Without Your Consent


A family lawyer will often advise pathways and deals that negotiate terms without having to visit a courtroom. These calls are made in consultation with the solicitor and the client, yet if these decisions are made without the client’s knowledge or approval, then that is a dereliction of duty on their part. They should be fired on the spot as you explore options of solicitors who will only work based from your judgment as the paying party.

Overlooking Basic Facts and Procedures


Has your family lawyer forgot basic facts about names, dates, addresses or other details that should be fundamental to the case? Have they missed deadlines and forgot to file correct documentation that is paramount to the proceedings? These are not minor mishaps that can be overlooked as your case can be significantly compromised as a result. That conduct is deserving of an immediate dismissal.



The reason why any client would seek the expertise of a qualified and recognised family lawyer is that they lower the risk of missing out on assets, on seeing their children and perhaps suffering financially from a spouse that takes an aggressive approach to a divorce settlement. They are in place to provide an educated sounding board and operate as an expert that is impartial but versed in the ability to maximise the case for their client no matter the circumstances.


If this is a description that is foreign to the family lawyer you have in place, then they are probably in line to be fired. There is no shortage of solicitors in the family field and they should be more than willing to enter the fray and fulfill your requests when they are delivered.