An arborist in Sydney’s Inner West (often referred to as a tree surgeon) is a professional who specializes in tree care. These experts are able to help you with anything relating to woody shrubs on your property, ranging from a simple prune, to removing hazardous trees and performing tree inspections. However, hiring an arborist in Sydney’s inner west is not a decision you should take lightly; incorrect tree work can be incredibly dangerous and put not only you, but your property at risk. This is why it is essential to hire a reliable and qualified professional. So here are some top tips for hiring an arborist in Sydney’s Inner West.



The first thing you need to do when it comes to finding an arborist in Sydney’s inner west is research. A great way of doing this is by looking online. Researching will give you an idea of the companies in your surrounding area and what they offer. It is important to remember that tree surgeons offer a range of different services, so make sure you find one that offers the exact service you would like completed.  If you are looking for a specialist job, it is recommended that you hire a specialist in that areas of tree care.



Arborists in Sydney’s inner west are trained professionals, and it is essential that you don’t forget this. Many people make the mistake of choosing a cheap, underqualified tree surgeon; however, this isn’t worth the risk. In Australia all tree surgeons need to complete a traineeship in horticulture. Anyone who does not have this qualification does not have the requirements needed to undertake the job.  However, any reputable arborist in Sydney’s inner west company will only hire trained professionals. So if you contact a company, you can feel safe knowing that the professional who works on your woody shrub is fully qualified. It is also recommended that you ask about the professional’s accreditations and membership to any relevant union.



Another great way of hiring an arborist in Sydney’s inner west is by asking for recommendations. Try asking friends and family if they have recently hired a tree surgeon. If so, ask about what services are provided, how much they cost and the competence of the professional. Allowing someone to work on a large tree in your garden takes a lot of trust, but you may feel a bit more confident about this if someone you know would recommend their services.



When it comes to arborists in Sydney’s inner west, insurance is certainly something you need to look into. Most reputable companies will have insurance that covers any potential damage to people or property. However, it is always best to check and be completely aware of what this insurance covers. Although rare, accidents can sometimes happen- this is mainly due to the fact that the structure of any tree is slightly unpredictable. This is why businesses have insurance; it covers them and it covers you and your property. It is not recommended that you hire someone who does not have the appropriate insurance.

Hiring an arborist in Sydney’s inner west may feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Although the woody shrubs in your garden are self-sufficient most of the time, they do require some upkeep. The best way you can ensure that any trees on your property are healthy and not posing any risk is simply by hiring a good tree surgeon. If you make sure whoever you hire is qualified, insured with good recommendations, you can’t go wrong.