People have attempted to find value with their window blinds for years and despite many customers being satisfied with their final choice, there has been debate and deliberation as to what actually constitutes a good buy in this industry.


Those who have a strong fashion sense and an understanding for the aesthetic requirements of a room are ahead of the game in this respect.


From Venetian blinds to roller options, vertical blinds to timber and aluminum products, there are individuals who have a solid knowledge base about what they desire when they enter the door of a department store.


However, it is worthwhile helping those homeowners and office decorators inside into the industry of window blinds to let them know what actually constitutes a good deal and what happens to be an overpriced transaction that only lines the pockets of the blind brand.


Let us dig a little deeper into these characteristics to empower you to make a better decision, either for domestic purposes or for a commercial space.


Built To Last

Depending on your age, you might be of the idea that enterprises do not really make anything to last anymore. If this wasn’t a cynical enough view, there are members of the community who believe these outlets purposely design products this way to ensure they can drive a higher portion of sales as customers have to re-enter the market.


When it comes to window blinds, it is worthwhile opting for a choice that will give you 15-20 years of value without having to return to a department store every 5-6 years. Even though it is hard to obtain any sort of guarantee over this matter when you factor in light exposure and use of the chord to place stress on the item, you can source a warranty that gives you long-term cover and insurance on your investment.



What is your budget when it comes to window blinds? This is an item that should not set you back much beyond $100.00 retail for a single window, yet there are rooms where this requirement has to be extended to an entire balcony or open studio where the panels are extensive. In those scenarios you might be able to find a packaged deal that ensures the more you purchase, the less per blind you need to pay. Set clear your budget and keep that front of mind before you allow a provider to opt you into a design that is out of your price range.


Climate Controlled

Heating and insulation is not just a matter for your air conditioning system. Window blinds actually happen to play a significant role when it comes to trapping heat or releasing it depending on the requirements of your room. For those that want to open up their windows or allow for a cooler climate inside the confines of a room, then there are lighter shade designs that eliminate overexposure to the sun whilst letting cool air through. Then there are heavier shutters that can trap the heat in and keep the room in a comfortable condition even during the cool of autumn and winter.


Lighting Controlled

Lighting is a major facet of window blinds. How much exposure to the sun will depend on the positioning of a room as the light will enter either in the morning or the late afternoon. There are options that provide automated movements, with others working from a manual cord.


Privacy Controlled

Finally when it comes to sourcing value with window blinds, you need to decide on your level or privacy that is necessary. Styles that close visibility with strong slats are ideal for those that want to maximize their privacy, whilst locations that want to provide an open and welcoming aesthetic will opt for styles and designs that are light, bright and easily transition from open to closed.