Criminal solicitors in Sydney find their career rewarding, but the honest truth is, it’s a notoriously busy and often competitive life. Busyness is equated to success, in the eyes of the law firm, colleagues, and the lawyers themselves. We’ve gathered some insights to learn a little about the lawyer lifestyle.


After law school criminal solicitors Sydney need to work at least a year – that is, a year of lots of long days – to reach goals like being called to the bar. The competition never ends, from grades at uni, to getting that first job in a law firm, to staying busy, as being seen as busy means being seen as a good lawyer.


A day in the life of a lawyer


Criminal solicitors in Sydney almost always start the day early, at 9am or earlier if there’s urgent prep work to be done, and can finish up at the office well after 5pm. If there is an upcoming deadline there will probably be reading and phone calls after leaving the office too.


They will dress in smart, conservative attire. Traditionally lawyers have their own offices, but there has been an increase in open-plans. This means everyone can see what everyone is doing, reinforcing the need to look busy.


While many of us hold the the glamorous image that criminal solicitors in Sydney are speaking to exciting court cases everyday and the like, the reality is many spend their day at a desk in front of a computer. You tend to hear, however, that there’s no such thing as a typical week, keeping the job interesting.


Criminal solicitors in Sydney have a lot on their plate every day. Some of the things they do on a daily basis include…

  • Reading
  • Replying to emails and phone calls
  • Meetings, for example with experts in prep for a trial
  • Writing reports


Too busy?

Criminal solicitors in Sydney also can fall into what’s known as the ‘busy trap’. That is, in addition to being on the go all the time trying to stay on top of paperwork and whatnot, a feeling of guilt comes up when not doing something of the sort.


This can make it hard to fully switch off and relax. It’s understandable given that the work often comes home with the lawyer, not necessarily ending when the business day ends. Criminal solicitors in Sydney  can feel a little blurring of the lines between their lawyer life and the rest of life.


This ‘busy’ mindset crosses over into other areas of life. Similarly, when busy in home and social life, criminal solicitors in Sydney feel better. You may find your lawyer friends with a busy social life outside of work too. A  busy social calendar full drinks and other meet-ups.


Why it’s important for criminal solicitors in Sydney to slow down a little?

A busy lifestyle to this degree appears to come with cost though. Those working in law hold one of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, out of all career areas.


Between the heavy workloads, high expectations, and highly competitive nature of the profession, criminal solicitors in Sydney  are under high pressure, to say the least. This can cause in them a lot of persistent distress.


It is hence important to…

  1. Continue reducing stigma around mental health adversities
  2. Encourage awareness of signs of distress along with communication
  3. Encourage more self-care practices among criminal solicitors in Sydney

Build more supportive legal firms – including in-house supportive spaces where help is accessible and mental health programs.