The NBA finals are currently taking place between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. The showpiece final of the National Basketball Association sees the two sides battle it out for the fourth year running. Not only is at a battle of cities but also of players. LeBron James, leading the Cavs versus Stef Curry, the three-point king spearheading the Warriors’ attack. Played out to the best of seven games, the series is the main event of the basketball season but how much money is involved from sponsorship down to salaries? We’ll take a look below.

  1. Salaries

Leaving aside the two heavyweights for a second and examining the top 20 earners in the NBA, there is just one other entrant, at 15th highest. Earning $25 million over a 2-year contract, Kevin Durant, the GSW forward is more than earning his keep. Now towards the end of his career, Durant took a shorter contract for more money, catapulting him into the top 20 earners. While at number 1 and 2 are Curry and James respectively. LeBron, having played 15 seasons has made more than a healthy living and earns $99 million over three years. Curry on the other hand, has only just recently a new bumper contract of $201 million over 5 years. Small change

  1. Ticket prices

Tickets for any game of the finals is extortionate so you should make sure you have more than a passing interest in the sport before forking over money for them. In 2017, tickets for game 6 resold at an average of $650 while for the final game in Oakland, the home of GSW, the average resale value was $1,600, a hefty investment.

  1. Sponsorship

In 2015, the average cost of an ad spot during the final was over $500,000, slightly lower than the $1 million being asked for advertising spots at the super bowl. ABC, the network with exclusive rights to the games, raised $160 million for the series and are hoping for a close match up this year too to maximise their revenue.

Golden State are the heavy favourites so it doesn’t look like the television networks will get their way. Winning two out of the three previous encounters, Curry and co will look to add a third to that total but with his $201 million dollar contract, he’ll be going home the winner regardless of what happens over the series.