Tell me about yourself. One of the most difficult questions to answer. So open, yet because of this, nothing comes to mind. Which is silly. How can you not conjure up a sentence that adequately answers this question? Whether on a first date or a first interview, the question is being asked like this on purpose. The answer will say a lot about you. If you start talking about your work experience on your first date, you’re clearly nuts, same goes if you talk about your family in a job interview. So, what can you do to answer the question properly when interviewing for a job?

First things first, talk about your work experience. They might not be asking about it but just go with it. Talk about your last job and you’re in safe territory. Talk about how personal interests and pastimes and you could be ruining your chances getting a second question never mind a second interview.

You’re nervous, but that’s no excuse to ramble. Confidently answer that you did X, Y and Z in your last position and your experiences learned will help you in this role. If they are waiting for you to say more, take a second to think and bring in W all the while linking it to the position you’re interviewing for. It’s not rocket science but stay on point.

If a couple of unimpressed faces are staring back at you, it’s time to change tact a little. They told you to talk about yourself so mention the parts of your personality that will make you the perfect recruit. Hard-working, easy to work with etc. Those unimpressed frowns have softened slightly. You are feeling a little bit better about your answer now.

Suddenly you can feel temptation creeping in. You are so close to mentioning you love a few drinks on the weekend and playing Fortnite over the internet. Don’t do it. Call it a day with that answer and see what they say.

And then they speak, “and tell me what you like to do in your spare time…”

Bingo. You gauged it correctly. Now is the time to let them know the real you. “I like quiet nights in, and I am a sensible human at the weekend who likes a glass of wine or two”. The perfect answer, you’ve nailed this interview and with that is how to answer one of the hardest questions known to man.