Every move you make, whether you are awake or asleep, it can put a strain on your spine. Every twist and every bend, they all put unnecessary pressure on your vertebrae and discs. This can easily cause painful problems such as pinged nerves and spasming muscles. Sitting slouched or sleeping on a bad mattress can attribute to serious spinal problems over time. As the day progresses, your spine compresses, a good nights sleep can allow your spine to stretch back out to its normal positioning. When your back is in pain it affects every part of your living. It can cause problems when you sit or when you stand, it can cause problems when you walk and it can cause severe pain when trying to exercise. A chiropractor Castle Hill expert understands how spinal problems can affect every moment of your life and have dedicated their careers to improving the quality of life of others.


Sometimes spinal problems can be easily fixed by losing weight. You may only need to lose a few kilograms but these few extra kilos add a lot of stress and pressure to your joints and spine. A chiropractor in Castle Hill will have trained dietitians on hand and they can work with you to create a balanced diet with gentle exercises (depending on the severity of you pain) to help you lose weight and get on the road to recovery.


An expert at a Castle Hill chiropractor will have a range of scientifically proven methods that many clients beforehand have used and have found successful, and they can help you too. From pillows to stretches they will find a method to get you pain-free and begin your healing process. The philosophy is that good health depends partly on a normally functioning nervous system. Many problems can arise from your spine affecting your nervous system.



Pain in the spine, that wasn’t caused by injury, will have accumulated over time, with stress, bad posture and even health reasons attributing to the problem in your spine and contributing to the underlying cause. Most miss the subtle signs that are showing you that there is a problem and instead don’t do anything until the pain, inflammation or spasms begin to show. Your nervous system is encased by your spine and when there are problems with your spine it can affect many of your body’s functions, even your sense of smell.


A chiropractor in Castle Hill can assess your spine and address the underlying issues that are causing the pain. They will align your spine so it can function properly, help you restore flexibility to reduce the risk of a reoccurring problem and ultimately strengthen your muscles. They will work with you on a personal level, ensuring you receive quality care.


Often people do not understand how the nerves in your neck can become irritated and cause pain in the form of headaches. A chiropractor Castle Hill can diagnose you appropriately and help mend the problem causing the nerves to be affected, eradication your headaches or neck pain.


In chiropractic care, they use non-invasive, drug-free methods to help improve your quality of life by improving your spinal health. There may be times that they believe that they cannot help you and therefore will advise you to talk to your doctor about surgery. Of course, they will do everything in their power to fix your spine without the surgical need.


From back braces to relaxing massages if you use a chiropractor Castle Hill you will receive the latest scientifically proven methods as well as some age old methods that have been proven to work. No matter what method you are treated with you can be pain-free sooner rather than later.