We all know it but sitting at your desk is an unhealthy to spend over two thirds of your week. So, what can you do to change it up and what difference can it make to your daily work life?

Step 1

Ask for a movable standing desk. This will change everything. Take one hour standing and one hour sitting. It will give you a break from the monotony of sitting staring at your screen. If you feel like standing for longer, you can but remember it’s not that healthy. Standing still or sitting for long hours are said to be just as bad for your health so try to mix it up and bring some difference into your working life.

Step 2

Every hour on the hour, it’s time for a walk. Five minutes is all, best to get some fresh air but if you have to stay inside the building that’s fine. Don’t fall into the trap of standing or sitting still in this 5 minutes. The break is there to reinvigorate your body and mind and to get the blood in your legs moving. If you’re feeling especially brave and are stripped of all of your insecurities start stretching. Lower or upper body, it doesn’t matter but anything that loosens your tight muscles is good for you.

Step 3

Do some exercise. Whether that means you do it at the start, middle or end of the day make sure you do something. Some people will tell you they just don’t have the time to exercise, family life gets in the way along with a long commute and work piling up. Exercise can be done anywhere, at home while kids are doing their homework, on the way to work or in a spare room in the office where you can do 10 minutes of stretching before you sit down at your desk.

These are three easy steps to follow, and the benefits will be felt to you and your business. Your productivity should increase. People who exercise find concentrating at work easier, they are less likely to suffer from sleeping problems and find it easier to prioritise other tasks to work around their schedule. Exercise has plenty of physiological and mental benefits while sitting at a desk all day doesn’t. If you want to progress in your job maybe the thing holding you back is taking things sitting down all day.