No one knows for sure what is included in Google’s algorithm and make up their ranking factors. This then leads to misinformation and eventually myths about each and every topic in SEO, including link building.


These myths grab the attention of many who are not properly informed and when they don’t get the desired results, they lose faith in their Sydney SEO company. Link building is a particularly major area where there are a lot of myths flying about.


Link building makes up an essential component of SEO and without it, you will certainly not see the results you are looking for. Building backlinks is something you need to get right and you should not cut any corners to get to the end destination faster.


Take a look below at some of the most common link building myths. If, in the past, you found yourself to be a believer in any of the below myths, you will need to change your thinking quick smart, as this could be have a significantly negative impact on your overall SEO strategy and results.

Myth Number 1: Link Quality is Measured by DA and/ or PA

Firstly, DA refers to the domain authority of the website, and PA refers to the page authority of that exact webpage you are on. To be honest, we aren’t entirely sure how search engines like Google actually define link quality. But these metrics only acts a guesses of how well a website is performing.


DA is not a ranking factor and it therefore cannot give insight into the performance of the website. You should therefore not use this metric to help make a decision on whether you want a link from any given site. It is important to take other metrics into consideration as well, not just rely on the one.


You should also be thinking about some of the below factors when determining whether you want a link from this site:

  • Has a great potential of traffic value
  • Provides relevant content that works as sort of a partnership with yours
  • The page that is being linked to actually offers value to users

Myth Number 2: Link Building is All About Links

Yes, it is weird to think that link building is more than just about building links, but it is, there are many different benefits to be achieved from this strategy. You will need to think of link building as more than just simply to increase the number of links that you have.


Using link building properly can help to increase your visibility across different websites on the internet. As well as this, it can also improve the traffic on to your site and highlight your value and authority, both to other websites and users.


Link building is about building relationships, but it has the opportunity to be much more than that. So be sure to not have tunnel vision on when outreaching for backlinks, as you could be missing out on a wider business opportunity.

Myth Number 3: Backlinks are a Chief Ranking Factor

Yes, backlinks are very important and you can’t just leave them out of your SEO strategy. But, Google’s John Mueller explains that their ranking factors are constantly changing and they use different algorithms when producing the results for different search queries.


As you can see, there is a lot goes into Google’s algorithm. So it is therefore important that you take into consideration all of the important aspects, not just focus on backlinking.


The thing that trips people up the most is that there is a correlation between the top few listings and the number of backlinks they have. But do those pages have so many backlinks because they hold a high position in Google, or is it the other way around? It’s all relative!


Where the true power of link building ranking factor comes into play is usually on the first page of results, when all other aspects are created equal. But remember, this still doesn’t mean you can neglect putting together a proper backlinking strategy.

Myth Number 4: Asking for Links is Spammy

Ask and you shall receive. Asking for a link is certainly not spammy and you won’t see manual action taken against your website if you ask around for links. This myth could have originated from someone who was too lazy to go out and actually ask for links!


It is also important that when you do a backlink audit, if you find any of your backlinks are broken, you should get in touch with the owners of that website to fix the issue.


Also, while having a backlink is awesome, it is much more impactful if the links are “follow”. So if you find that some of your links are “nofollow” kindly ask the website owner if they are able to change it to a “follow” link.