It can be a frightening, fraught and anxious time for any woman who has booked in for an abortion clinic in Sydney.

Unwanted pregnancies might be somewhat common for professionals who manage patients in these circumstances, but there is an appreciation that this is a devastating and sobering experience for those who decide to undertake a termination.

The good news is there are skilled and experienced operators who can guide women to making sound decisions and walk them through how the procedures work.

These can be small gestures or important pieces of input, but they all count in equal measures during these trying times.

Here we will outline what types of medical advice are offered to patients in these settings.

Procedures Are Safe

It should first be stated for any patient that visits an abortion clinic in Sydney that the procedures that are carried out are safe. That is a concern that is front of mind for many women who are fearful about the consequences and whether or not their reproductive health will be placed at risk. A doctor will be tasked to address this matter very early on in the piece, even if they are not quizzed about it directly. There is no evidence to suggest such a procedure will make it more or less likely of a future miscarry and the chances of a complication from surgery or taking the pill don’t even add up to 1% of clients.

You Have Options

Doctors will essentially have three key options that can be presented for patients who visit an abortion clinic in Sydney. The first will be to continue with the pregnancy and to welcome the chance to become a mother. The other is to proceed but to agree to adoption if they are not able and willing to take on that responsibility. The final choice is to proceed with a termination, and this is a period that is set in Australia as late as 20 weeks in some cases, although that is considered right on the tipping point.

You Have Support

Medical professionals who operate in an abortion clinic in Sydney have a very practical purpose, but they understand that the mental and emotional health of the patient is key to the entire process. If this is jeopardized in any shape or form, there can be further complications as the stress and anxiety only hampers their condition and can force rash and impulsive decision making. This is where they will look to bring people who offer support into the environment, including close family members, partners and friends.

Your Input Counts Most

Support from trusted friends and family members will count for a great deal, but the patient has the ultimate power when it comes to visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney. Time is sensitive and there will be limitations on what can be carried out depending on the longevity of the pregnancy, but the choice to terminate or proceed is entirely up to the individual. This is a freedom and a right for all Australian women irrespective of culture, financial circumstance or opinions and expectations from outside parties. That has to be established as the doctor will make that abundantly clear from the outset.

2 Key Procedure Types

If there is an agreement to proceed with the services of an abortion clinic in Sydney, a doctor will outline two distinct methods that can be utilised to terminate the pregnancy. The first is known as a medical abortion. This will see a pill known as a mifepristone taken before a misoprostol is taken approximately 3 days later. These pills work to detach the embryo before causing contractions as the pregnancy tissue passes through the vagina. Whilst there is bleeding and cramping experienced over the course of a couple of weeks, many women are able to continue with any work duties and essential proceed as business as usual before making an appointment to check if the termination has been cleared. The second option is seen through a surgical abortion, a process where a sedative is issued as the cervix is dilated and the fetus is removed. This secondary option is akin to a gynecological appointment.