The market of finding a dentist might be long and complex, as the city of Sydney is littered with oral health professionals.


Given that there is no shortage of operators who cater to this populous community, the responsibility is on you to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.


Professionals in this field are adamant that your oral health not only provides care to your teeth and gums, but there are other internal issues that are affected by this department.


By having a reliable practice that offers the best quality care, may it be on dental implant in Hawkesbury, tooth implantation, tooth removal or any other dental service, you can rest easy knowing that a biannual checkup will fight disease and have you in the best possible condition.


So how can you identify a professional that you can personally count on?


Here we will examine some of the outstanding features that separates the good from the great practitioners when it comes to dentistry.


Great Communication

A dentist should firstly be defined by how well they communicate to you as a patient. From the moment you pick up the phone and reach the secretary desk or walk through the door, you should be treated courteously and with a degree of urgency. The treatment types and prices should be explained as well as any of the rebates that are provided by the practice. Each and every studio when it comes to dentistry will be unique and its capacity to communicate its principles and practices will help you decide if they are the ones to look after your oral health needs.


Healthy Wait Time

There is one element that is rarely discussed when looking for a dentist. This is in relation to the wait time. Too much of a wait time and you are simply spending time on a couch having to wrestle for your appointment to be made relevant. If the wait time is minimal, that might speak to a low demand and a lack of faith by the local community in their standing and expertise. A healthy balance should be experienced where you are waiting between 10-20 minutes for your appointment.


Flexible Pricing Structure

There is little doubt that any dentist worth your time and money should offer a pricing structure that is flexible and understanding of your own circumstances. Given all of the common expenses that are spent during a working week, it is any wonder that a dental appointment might not be considered within your budget in an immediate sense. From government rebates to health insurance premiums, you should be able to strike a good deal that prevents a 100% up front payment.


Personal Recommendation

If you are part of the North-West region of Sydney, then finding a dentist should come down to the amount and quality of personal recommendations. From close friends, family members or professional colleagues, you should come into contact with a number of people who can pass on advice as to their own experiences. Speak to them about their oral health history and who they acquired to cater to fillings, root canal therapies, checkups, braces and other requirements. If it is a positive discussion and a quality recommendation, then open up a dialogue and book an appointment.



No one can understand what the expertise of your dentist will be until you physically show up for an appointment and have them cater to your needs. Ideally this first time booking will only be a checkup as that will be a soft first contact that won’t require much than eliminating some plaque from your teeth. Yet there is no need to feel as though you owe one practice anything, as the dentistry market in North-West Sydney is vast and competitive, giving you plenty of options.