In today’s world we are often pushed for time and can often find ourselves staying back for hours because of a busy day. Sometimes we get interrupted by other people in the middle of tasks or we are on the phone and are called upon because a colleague doesn’t realise. All of these distractions and interruptions can lead to a significant lack of productivity. A lync busy light, change of scene or reorganising your day can all help to boost your productivity in this way.

Maximising your productivity through something like a lync busy light will have significant benefits from both a work and personal perspective. It is likely that you will actually get more done in less time and you will be less stressed and be able to enjoy going home at the end of a day knowing that your lync busy light has enabled you to complete all of the necessary tasks – and maybe a little more.

Maximising productivity at work can be easily done with a few simple adjustments.

Lync Busy Light

A lync busy light enables you to alert colleagues to when you are unavailable. The lync busy light simply lights up in a given colour when you are on the phone or completing a task and you don’t want to be interrupted. The lync busy light integrates with your call platform, be it Skype for Business/Lync, Cisco Jabber or any other platform, so that when you are on a call it will light up and alert others. The lync busy light can also be integrated with other tasks such that you can easily communicate to other employees whether you are busy or available to chat.

The lync busy light also alerts you to incoming calls or messages that at times can be missed as a result of having your headset off or being away from your desk. All of this helps to boost productivity as you are no longer being distracted by colleagues and you don’t miss incoming calls or messages leading to a panic later. The lync busy light helps to keep everything in order and allows you to stick to the plan.

Change your environment

Sometimes it can be the office environment that leaves you feeling demotivated or open to distractions. A change of environment can often be helpful in boosting your energy levels and allowing you some space to think more clearly, creatively and avoid the office distractions.

A change of environment can be refreshing as you may find that not being stuck in a confined space all day allows you to relax. Whilst not all jobs and businesses allow this flexibility it is worth exploring. Even something as simple as a café or using an empty meeting room can provide you with an adequate change of scenery that allows your mind to reset, refresh and power through the day.

Re-plan your day

If you find you are regularly getting distracted whilst in the middle of tasks you may need to think about reorganising your day to maximise your brain power. We are usually at our best at the beginning of the day and as the day goes on we become tired and less productive.

In this way, it is best to plan important meetings and tasks for the beginning of your day. If you find that you are getting distracted in the afternoons this could be a great move to maximise your productivity. In the later parts of the day colleagues will often need help with things they have had trouble with in the morning or simply because they too are now not functioning at full capacity. Get those important tasks done early and maybe you can change your environment for the afternoon too?

Ultimately, it’s about finding what works best for you so that you can get the most from your work day.