There is nothing more frustrating than having your home and garden clogged up with multiple items that you no longer want or need- especially during the summer months! This is why you should consider hiring a rubbish removal company. Haven’t heard of these businesses? Well, fear not, as you are about to find out everything you need to know about them! It is safe to say that these businesses can be life savers when it comes to clearing out excess junk that you have no idea what to do with! So keep reading to find out everything you need to know about rubbish removal companies.


What is a rubbish removal company?

These businesses and individuals focus on offering services that collect unwanted items, goods and materials. Many items are not able to be collected in the general waste bin service each week; so these companies are able to dispose of anything that is not able to be put in the bin. Generally, the process of contacting and hiring a business to undergo this task is quite simple. All you have to do is get in touch with a local rubbish removal company and organize a date and time for them to come and collect your unwanted items. Once this is organised, they will then arrive at your property with a suitable sized vehicle and the appropriate amount of people to relocate your waste. There is a common misconception that this process is complicated and expensive, but this could actually not be further from the truth. It is actually incredibly simple and will save you the added stress an expense of hiring a van yourself, and taking your items to the dump. Once the collection has taken place, you will be free from worrying about all those annoying things that you had lying around in your garden or spare room!


What can a rubbish removal company dispose of for me?

garbage truck filled with trashes inside

The basic goal of these businesses is to help you get rid of any items that you no longer want or need. Therefore, they are able to get rid of most items, ranging from bulky things such as mattresses and fridges, to hazardous materials such as paints and solvents. Interestingly, this applies to both commercial and residential waste, meaning rubbish removal companies can be incredibly handy for businesses too. Anything that may seem daunting or difficult for you to deal with alone, will be a relatively simple job for these professionals and they will be able to get rid of your items in the most suitable way. Furthermore, as these companies have many more resources than individuals do, they will be able to get rid of items in the most environmentally friendly way possible. If you have recently been undergoing renovations on your property and still have excess paint or building supplies left over that are not allowed in a normal bin, it is possible to get them collected by a business that focuses on waste removal. If you are unsure about if you can get an item collected, it is recommended that you contact a local business and ask for their professional advice.


How much do rubbish removal companies cost?

It is often hard to give an estimation in regards to how much these services will cost; this is due to the fact that each job is different and will therefore take different amounts of time and man power. It is also important to remember that each item will need to be disposed of individually, and this will take time to ensure all items get to where they need to be. On top of this, depending on what items you need disposing of, the size of the truck needed will vary. In general, the best option is to contact local businesses and ask for an obligation free quote. Most of the time, companies will be more than happy to do this so you will be aware of the costs before you commit to anything. It is generally suggested that you contact several different local businesses and get quotes to ensure you get the lowest price.


Do I need to be there?

As a general rule, you do need to be at your premises when the rubbish removal company arrives. This is down to a few key factors; you need to let them into your home and garden, and you will also need to direct them to the items you wish to get taken away. However, if it is impossible for you to be at home during the arranged pick up time, contact the businesses and they will usually be able to organize something with you. In this situation, you will generally be asked to leave all items in an easy to access pile in your garden, away from items that you wish to keep. This should save confusion and ensure that no items are missed.