There are plenty of Australian out there who may have heard of driving assessment iCare, but will have no idea about what it actually is. The reason for this is that this isn’t relevant to all of the population. This service is specifically designed to help those in need who are looking for help when it comes to getting behind the wheel. There can be many scenarios in life that can pop up and can interfere with someone’s ability to handle their vehicle. For example, someone may experience an accident, may suffer from an injury, or may experience some other kind of event that will impact their abilities and capabilities. As this is the case, there are many professionals out there who will offer driving assessment iCare, which is the test that individuals will take after working with an expert that will decide if they are capable to stay behind the wheel or not. This type of service is usually offered by trained professionals who are not only occupational therapists but are also trained to drive. They will usually collaborate with government agencies and non-government agencies such as Veterans Affair to ensure that anyone out there who is needing help will receive it in a professional and timely manner. As this is such an important service, this article will explore the topic a little further.


What else can companies that offer driving assessment iCare help with?

One of the many great things about these kinds of services is that they are able to help with several different areas. For example, professionals are able to help with building confidence, vehicle modification, cognitive improvement as well as much more. Individuals are able to receive simple but important advice that will put them on the right track when it comes to getting back behind the wheel and they are also able to have their abilities professionally evaluated to see if they are ready to operate a vehicle once again. The results of the evaluations can then be easily passed on to the necessary places such as government agencies or non-government agencies. This makes things really easy for clients and all they have to focus on is practicing and implementing the advice that they are given. People also feel safe when they implement these kinds of services because staff are usually experienced, polite, and friendly. This is important when it comes to such a sensitive area as most people equate operating their vehicle with independence.


What can be expected from driving assessment iCare

When it comes times for individuals to be evaluated, they can expect a few different things to occur. One of the first things that people can expect to happen is that they will sit down with a professional and chat about their health history. This way they can get a better idea of how to help and can see if the issue is solvable or if it is going to be long term. A professional will usually also give a physical evaluation. From there an on-road evaluation will usually occur which will look at the individual’s skills and any limitations that there may be. From there, professionals will discuss the outcome and will make a detailed plan for how they are able to move forward safely. For example, it may be recommended that someone purchases a certain vehicle modification such as postural support, or small ramp to help get into the vehicle. As it can be seen, driving assessment iCare is very important when it comes to keeping individuals safe on the road.