It’s said there’s always a bitch in the workplace, but really, should dogs be allowed in an office? Some people love them, some hate them, and others are just indifferent. Some want to pet it, and some want to stay well away. You can’t please everyone so let’s see what the pro’s and con’s of having a dog in the office are.


Dogs are bundles of energy. Most love to run around, whether that’s after a tail or after a ball, their energy can be infectious. Those in the office love it and are in better moods, allowing them to get more done and work better.

Then there are the scared people. They want the dog to have all it’s energy surgically removed and thrown away forever. A dog should be quiet and lying down, it is a professional environment after all, the dog should know this. Sit, good dog!

Break times

Instead of talking your break, walking over to your favourite colleague and distracting them, you can bring the dog outside for a walk. It’s a win-win, you both get out into the fresh air away from the sometimes claustrophobic surroundings of the office.

The dog despisers will be happy with this, the dog is out of the office so this means they can finally take that toilet break they’ve been holding in for the past two hours. It alleviates the threat of the dog pouncing and eating them as an early morning snack.


Dogs smell. There is no two ways about it. Dog lovers ignore this, while the dog haters sit at their desk, struggling to get the thought of the smell out of their head and the smell out of their nostrils.

It’s not easy being afraid of dogs. Like most fears, it’s completely irrational but most don’t take a job and expect there to be a dog strolling around in between desks. Many argue that they should be able to take their dog to work while others campaign for at least one day in the calendar year where everyone can bring their dog to work.

Colleagues may be allergic while other just plain scared, but to say this is to go against the grain. If you don’t like dogs, you’re crazy. Feeling uncomfortable in work because of a co-worker is terrible, but having those feelings because a four legged creature who doesn’t even work there is present is just annoying.