Online blogging has become more and more popular over the past few years. There are now more than 300 million blogs on the internet as writers aim to earn a living for themselves doing what they love.  In the US, 14% of bloggers earn more than the average household salary showing that being a blogger is a legitimate career path that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

40% of bloggers cover personal development whether that be home or work life, and how they got to where they are. These blogs have teaching and opinions within them so what makes a good personal development blog and how can you improve your blogging business?

  1. Controversy

The most important thing to do is go against popular opinion. Even if you don’t believe it. Opposition to a mainstream idea creates annoyance or anger, especially on the internet. So, think of something that is nearly taken as fact and go about disproving that theory or opinion. You will be hated, but the haters will keep coming back.

  1. Topic

Pick a topic that people actually care about. Nobody wants to read about your niche interest, well not enough people anyway. The topic you choose might have been beaten to death over the internet, by blogger after blogger, but do it anyway. Pick a different viewpoint but you need people to have an initial opinion on the topic.

Show readers how you overcame a challenge and how this challenge relates to their life. Bloggers can seem like a higher being sometimes, who have all the answers and all the followers, but showing the reader that you too have everyday struggles will be sure to improve your brand and followers.

  1. Humour

Make it funny. No matter how serious the topic is, there is always a place for humour. You take what you’re writing about seriously, but you realise there are more important things to life. There is no need to offend anyone when writing, so a joke here or there can show that you’re not in the business of offence but passionate about the topic.

76% of bloggers use WordPress so if the blogging industry is one you want to get into this is the one you need to be part of.  Through this you can measure shares, site visitors and subscribers. Once these numbers start increasing you’ll be a pro in no time, just remember to follow the steps above.