Engaging to an aged care finance planning services is a smart decision for retirees who want to protect their nest egg and think about their investment opportunities.

Financial planners have the resources, expertise and experience to guide their client to a stronger position than when they begun, allowing individuals to consider their portfolio dispassionately and from a long-term perspective.

So often a superannuation fund or investment scheme can suffer from unwanted fees and penalties where the returns are diminished, all because there was a lack of understanding and oversight on the account.

However, part of that diligence will come down to you as the client during the all important consultation phase, quizzing the specialist on their expertise and determining if they have the scope to execute their position with efficiency.

Here we will discuss five key questions that are applicable to these firms.


What Do You Make of Our Situation?

Aged care finance planning services encompass a number of various fields that fall under this particular banner. This will be inclusive of a superannuation account, pension payments, property assets, stocks, investments, tax returns and anything that is shared between a spouse or family members. Once they have obtained an overview of this situation, they should be in a position to offer a general assessment, giving the client a rundown of the risks and opportunities that present themselves on face value. However, this discussion will require further clarity and appointments to understand exactly where an individual stands.


Is There a Way To Boost Our Portfolio?

The essential benefit of engaging aged care finance planning services is to locate opportunities that provide more dividends and boost the bottom line. Here is where strategy comes into play, looking at ways to change property status from owning to available to rent, from switching a standard superannuation account to a diversified fund, or managing capital gains where additional sales and revenue can be earned. There will be different methods for different clients, but there will be ways to shifting the dynamic to ensure that the portfolio is progressing in a healthy state.


What Makes You Unique From Other Operators?

There is no shortage of aged care finance planning services across the city or in suburban communities, so the question remains whether or not your consulted party is up to the task. In this setting it is important that you have located a brand that has a unique and distinct edge in the market, offering enticements and deals that will make it more feasible to work with the planner into the future. Put the question to them directly: “why you, why not another provider?” If their answer is unsatisfactory you can always take your business elsewhere.


Are There Other Departments We Need To Consider To Make Your Role Easier?

Aged care finance planning services operate at their best when they have all of the documentation, certification and clarity of information from their client. When there are gaps or errors with these items, this is when the forecasting and maneuvering of assets becomes overtly complicated for the firm. Speak with them during the consultation process about what other domains need to be concentrated on, from former employers to landlords or family members, each one of these parties can come into the equation down the road.


What Do You Require From Us Moving Forward?

As the client you will want to have a strong gauge that the firm you have selected through aged care finance planning services has a structure and schedule for further consultations. They can be regular, semi-regular or infrequent depending on your own timescale and goals, but the sooner you allow the provider to communicate their wishes, the sooner you can start to make tangible progress on those stated targets.