Anyone who works in the distribution and logistics industry is aware of how complicated and busy it can get. The growth of online based shopping has encouraged more retailers to focus on keeping products in storerooms rather than having physical shops. In order to keep on top of orders and daily functions, many businesses make use of warehouse management software. However, as with anything, these programmes can become dated, so here are eight reasons why you should update your warehouse management software.


  1. The older systems needed employers to install the program on each computer used, one of the main reasons to update your warehouse management software is that it is much easier to install. As newer applications are simpler, businesses will have less need for an I.T department.
  1. Another thing to consider when looking at warehouse management software is ease of use. Many older programs were complicated and required a designated training person to teach all employees how to use the system. However, upgraded programs are streamlined and easy to use. This saves time, meaning more time can be spent on functions that generate money.


  1. Running a business often requires several different applications, it can be time consuming to constantly enter all information from one program into another. One of the best things about newer warehouse management software’s is that they integrate with other applications you are already using. Essentially, this means that all data is automatically synchronised across all platforms. As well as saving you time, this also makes it easier to view and control all aspects, including how much stock you have, and the status of shipping.


  1. Many newer warehouse management software’s operate on a cloud based system, this is useful because it allows business owners to run the business from any location at any time. This also allows for multi site operation which means one application can work over several locations. For businesses that currently only have one location, having a system with multi location functionality, future proofs your investment.


  1. Technology is constantly evolving, so its important to stay up to date with the current trends. One benefit of newer warehouse management software is that it offers barcode and QR code tracking systems. This can drastically change how businesses function; it allows owners to view how much stock they have at any time. This data is much more accurate, meaning there is less room for human error.
  1. Upgrading warehouse management software can be costly, but it’s important to consider what your current system is actually doing for your company. The right warehouse management software will improve sales thus increasing profits. This is because you will be able to sell more products faster, which results in happier customers- meaning they will buy from you again. So, a benefit of upgrading your systems is that it will give you a large return on your investment. Newer, more efficient applications will allow your business to function more effectively.


  1. Businesses are often faced with adhering to government regulations, a good program helps companies comply with regulations. Newer warehouse management software’s have better business intelligence and solutions that automate business processes.


  1. Business is competitive, if you don’t have the edge over your competition it can be difficult to make money. Having an updated programme can give you a huge advantage over opponents in the industry.


For any business in the logistics and distribution industry, it is important to have an organised and efficient stockroom. Arguably the best way to do this is to invest and upgrade to a newer warehouse management software. If you have been unsure about if you should upgrade or not, hopefully these eight reasons will highlight how essential it is.