Everything You Need to Know About an E-Liquid


Most vapers out there live with this question forever in their mind but hardly do anything to find an answer. So, here we are putting together some useful information about e-liquid used in electronic cigarette for you. We are really glad to have you here, but before we begin, we would like you to make a promise to us to share this article as much as you can and enlighten your other vaper fellas, as sharing is caring.


Let’s get started then.


What is an e-liquid?

As you may know, regardless of what e-cig or pod you have, it is worth nothing without an e-liquid. In simpler terms, it is a liquid without which you can’t vape. While you can obviously vape other materials such as dry herbs, oils, etc., vaping and e-liquid are pretty much inseparable in most parts of the world.

It goes by many different names such as e-juices or simply juices and liquids. While e-juices are heated and converted into vapours, vaping is all about inhaling and exhaling these vapours.


What is your e-juice made of?

A lot of e-juices are made of a handful of common ingredients. They are Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin (VG), food-grade flavourings and nicotine. The most popular of all these ingredients is nicotine. In fact, e-juices exist in the e-cig world as a fancy word of nicotine mixed with flavours. Even though, the point is that juices come in every possible combination of all four ingredients. The nicotine strength may vary from juice to juice. While some may contain 0%, others can have moderate to high nicotine strength. The food-grade flavourings that juices take can be the traditional ones such as tobacco and mint, or the contemporary, fruity ones. PG and VG are used as suspension agents for the other two ingredients.



What ingredients of the juices should you be wary of?

There is simply no bound on the numbers of new e-juices that are formulated and introduced in the market every day, further expanding vapers’ shopping basket. So, it is very likely that some may fail to meet the best standards. We suggest you stay clear of the juices that are made of ingredients like diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin. They have been there on the market in buttery, creamy and vanilla-esque flavours. They may taste good, but they have garnered a bad reputation for giving people a condition called popcorn lung. We won’t be surprised if you find their names mouth-watering; there’s no denying that. But now that you know how they can mess up with your lungs, you should take this piece of advice seriously.


The bottom line

Your vaping experience is shaped as much by e-liquids as by e-cigs. The good news is that juices are available in a myriad of flavours and a selection of nicotine strength to keep you from hitting monotony in your vaping journey. You can customise them or even, formulate a whole new flavour using DIY e-juice kits. Taste is a subjective matter. What may taste delightful to one can taste awful to someone else, which is why customising and preparing a new e-juice altogether can work for every vaper out there. We hope this guide will help you understand your vape juices better, so you can make an informed buying decision.



How Digital Printing Could Help Your Business


Long gone are the days of tiresome and tedious manual lithography. In the modern world of business, however, printing services has become the most common and effective method of making copies. The way this works is through your computer sending the information via electronic files like a PDF or PSD. The device receives the information from your computer and copies the image on your chosen material. Naturally, digital printing is a much quicker and precise process compared to more traditional methods. Let’s walk through several advantages of this method.



Put simply, digital printing produces images of much higher quality in comparison to older methods. Even if your image is incredibly detailed and complex, your device will be able to recreate that high-resolution image magnificently. Colour schemes, fades, tones and fine lines all have the potential to be displayed. You’ll find that it’s really easy to tweak colours and their properties, ensuring that you get the best picture you desire.  If you’re a business owner, chances are you could use with a digital printing device in your office, particularly if you design cards, posters, brochures, flyers, catalogues or you want multiple copies of that amazing photo you took on holiday.


newspaper print



These days, businesses have to be flexible. They have to be able to change or adapt quickly in order to meet changing customer demands or requirements. Using an electronic method means that you can change or modify your images on a large scale and in a cost-efficient manner. From a business perspective, the notion that all of your clients will want the exact same thing is unlikely. If you design brochures, it’s incredibly unlikely that an electronics outlet will want the same brochure used by a fashion store when advertising their products. Being able to alter your publishing materials gives your firm a competitive advantage. Likewise, it is easier to highlight and remove any errors from your publications, regardless of the size of the printout.



In digital printing, you can recreate images on a much larger scale at a far lower per-unit cost. Duplication is simple and can be executed without any deviations in quality or style. If you’re looking to save a bit of money or are a business owner who needs to budget, this could be the best method for you when designing and modifying your publications or promotional materials.


Time savings

Digital printing is an efficient, streamlined process that removes all manual labour from the ordeal. This means that your materials can be released for public consumption and viewership in a much shorter time frame. If you’re a business owner, you want to show how your business can connect with your targeted customers quickly at a time when their needs are unmet. Save yourself some time with a digital printing device; it’ll improve your business’ efficient and reputation in the public domain.


Small batch runs

If you’re in the establishment phase of your business, you’re going to have a lot of large set-up costs. On top of this, you’re going to want to increase your marketing efforts in order to foster brand awareness. Obviously, you don’t want to waste lots of money on marketing efforts, like posters, flyers and brochures that could prove ineffective. You want to test the market and get a feel for what your customers want. With digital printing methods, you can run a series of small batch jobs to test different variations of your marketing materials to evaluate which is the most effective in stimulating demand. This can be done cheaply, quickly and with little hassle to you.


Where and Why You May Need Scaffolding


If you’ve ever worked on a construction or building site, you’ll be perfectly aware of the importance of installing scaffolding to assist with the work environment. Indeed, building platforms are integral in improving the efficiency of construction sites, along with increasing worker and civilian safety. Workplaces can be a really dangerous environment, particularly construction sites where the moving of large, heavy materials happens by the hour. More importantly, there are various types of building towers that can be used across a wide variety of building sites. In fact, every site most likely has different objectives, materials and tasks that need to be achieved every day.



In addition, scaffolding is an integral part of improving the functionality of a worksite. The average day on a construction site can be rather frenetic: chaotic foot traffic, rapid movement of materials and various objectives. Having raised building platforms can help increase worker productivity since workers can now reach areas that were perhaps unviable without scaffolding. This means that tasks can be completed at a quicker rate. Likewise, building towers can also help streamline foot traffic and the movement of materials throughout the worksite, which may have been a tiresome and tedious task in the past.




This is one of the most important benefits of using scaffolding on a worksite. Installing building towers act as a crucial support for labourers navigating their way around the site. Building platforms are often made from aluminium, meaning they have great strength and durability, which is pivotal when operating during poor weather conditions (like strong winds and torrential rain) and creating a safe working environment. Construction platforms can also be designed to have walkways, which enable workers to spread themselves evenly across the platform and work in a safer manner. A mismatch in weight distribution or a poorly designed building tower could lead to a platform collapse, which could result in serious injury or death. With a building tower, however, worksite congestion can be easily managed and maintained, thereby reducing the likelihood of serious accidents.





Construction platforms can be applied to various different types of building scenarios. For example, light duty scaffolding is best suited for less intensive construction activity. They are relatively easy to install, meaning they are perfect for small construction jobs that won’t take long or even light trade work for your personal home. They are also very flexible and can be dismantled with ease, so they can be transported across locations.


Medium duty scaffolding is generally used for more substantial building tasks. Each tower can support a working load of approximately 450kg, meaning they are stronger and more durable than the light duty alternative. However, they are immovable after being installed, making them less mobile than light duty platforms. Nonetheless, medium duty platforms can be designed to have a locking system that prevents theft when worksites are left vacant overnight. Thus, medium duty towers are best suited for medium scale construction sites, where the job may take several weeks or months.



Walk-Thru scaffolding can be used in a wide array of construction sites. They can be built to be 30 metres high, making them perfect for high rise or elevated construction work. Likewise, they are equipped with walk-through end to end access, making them the perfect choice for large construction sites, where several towers may need to be joined over hundreds of metres.  In essence, these walkthroughs will enhance worker productivity, while improving time efficiency and workplace mobility.


Clearly, there are several benefits of using scaffolding on your construction site and various types that can be applied to different workplace circumstances.


What Can Family Law Firms in Sydney Offer?


The breakdown of a household can be emotionally draining and financially damaging. And that’s just from the parent or guardian’s perspective. When children are in the equation, it is an entirely different scenario. If this predicament rings true for you, do not fret. You may feel like your divorce has ruined your life and that things will only get worse. However, with the astute professionalism of one of the family lawyers in Sydney CBD, you are guaranteed to benefit from their services and move on quickly from this troubling part of your life. However, divorce settlements are only a small part of what family law firms in Sydney can offer. Let’s take a look at the various benefits they provide.




Legal expertise

Whether it is a divorce settlement or child custody arrangements, your solicitor will be well aware of all the intricacies of the legal framework. If they come from one of the family lawyers in Sydney CBD, they’ll be well aware of any recent changes to the system or loopholes that could benefit your case, ensuring that you receive the best outcome given your circumstances. You will greatly benefit from a legal practitioner who is well accustomed to legal proceedings and court settlements. Any small error in your documentation could seriously undermine your case; however, with the support of one of the family law firms in Sydney, such mistakes will not occur.



A divorce is a convoluted process, one that differs from household to household. Moreover, it involves many components, including things like the divorce settlement, child custody arrangements and property considerations, such as the splitting of assets in a manner that is deemed fair by the Court. To the regular civilian, this process can appear daunting and complex. However, with the relevant experience of family lawyers in Sydney CBD, you can be assured that your case will be treated with consideration and understanding.



Unlike criminal cases, family law is very emotional and intimate. Indeed, the cases are generally quite personal in nature and it can be hard to be involved without getting sentimental over shared assets, children and wonderful memories. These strong emotions can inhibit one’s ability to be impartial.

However, acquiring the services of one of the family law firms in Sydney will ensure that you have an individual who is well versed in the legal framework and can remain impartial and fair throughout. Your lawyer is obliged to act in the best interests of the child in accordance to the Parenting legal framework, meaning your solicitor may tell you things you may not want to hear. However, it will always be in the best interest of the child or children involved.


Emotional support

A personal legal case can take a heavy emotional toll. Indeed, the people closest to you may not be able to help you efficiently and you may find that you can’t tell them things because of the confidentiality of your case. Nonetheless, your solicitor can be a person you can trust with any relevant information and can also recommend services to help you if you find you are struggling with everything that is going on.


Changing nature of marriage

With Australia’s landmark plebiscite approving same-sex marriage in 2017, it is clear that dynamics of the legal framework are set to change. Indeed, if you are in a same-sex relationship, you want to know that your relationship is deemed a “marriage” and not just a de-facto relationship. Consulting with family lawyers in Sydney CBD will guarantee that you have access to solicitors who are aware of recent changes and up to scratch with all relevant procedures.

The Fundamentals of Crafting Wedding Cards

wedding invitation

The great news for those who are unaccustomed to writing wedding cards as well as wedding invitations is that there are no hard and fast rules.

Strewn across the internet are sites and pages dedicated to explaining the etiquette for crafting one of these items, but the truth of the matter is that this is a creative process where the canvas is blank.

If this domain happened to be a one-size-fits-all event, then there would be no fun to have and every couple would receive an identical copy.

When a couple is about the tie the knot and you wish to send your congratulations, it can be difficult to pick the right words and present a card that fits that ideal aesthetic.

Here we will open a discussion on a few key fundamentals to follow, each one designed to make the process fun and easy.


Simplistic Design

Wedding cards do not need to include photographic images of the couple or interactive elements including musical tunes or glitter to make a song and dance about the item. Simple is good. Whether you opt for a modern floral aesthetic, a retro makeup from the 1940s or 50s, a tastefully elegant look or something a little more left of center with an art deco presentation, keep it simple.

By utilsing a border with the names in large bold font, provide a condensed but heartfelt message and ensure the design does not go above and beyond what you would expect to receive as an engaged couple. Font that is centered is ideal in these circumstances as well, illustrating a degree of formality and importance to recognise and respect the significance of the upcoming nuptials.



Customise Font For Your Own Purpose

In order to create a tone that suits for the wedding cards, it is worthwhile opting for a font that falls in sync with that intention. If you would like it to be light and funny, purely formal, for a close family member, a distant family member, a coworker or a couple who are overtly religious, then customise the font to suit for that occasion. Popular choices in this department include Didot, Mandevilla, Bodoni and ITC Avant Garde Gothic.


Ensure Card Is High Resolution

High resolution wedding cards help the creator and recipient in a number of ways, but most of all it is a way to create quality control when the printing process is at hand. Small resolution cards open a number of difficulties for printers and there is a greater chance that the final product will appear washed and rushed. The higher the resolution, the more pixels there are to work with and the better the item will appear in physical and digital copies respectively.


Be Colourful

No matter which tone you are trying to strike, there is no example where wedding cards are not enhanced by some bright colour to make the item pop. This is not to say that bright yellows, reds and oranges are suitable, just that the choice should be definitive. A dark navy blue or even a beige can be distinctive under the right circumstances.


Final Thoughts: Don’t Overthink It

In 2018 there are a number of different ways you can approach wedding cards. In the digital age these are items that could be broadcast on social media channels to elicit a wider response, but remember this is a personal message being mailed from one party to the next. The best advice in this respect is not to overthink the process, examine some templates and examples online, speak with a local printing provider and see what suits your tastes and your budget. You have to source your own inspiration in these moments because no one can dictate to you what you prefer.


5 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Invest in Bridal Dance Lessons in Sydney


You’ve progressed to the highly-anticipated stage of having a fiancé. The date is set, venue reserved, guest list compiled, fancy car hired, wedding dress fitted, food and flowers ordered, hair and make-up artist booked, extravagant cake design agreed, and music playlist curated.

Your overly-premature organisation, sudden interest in classic cars, and insistence on tulips over roses are all forgiven because it’s your wedding day. You want everything to be perfect – and that includes your dancing.

However, you soon realise that your dancing is not as smooth as the leather in the Jaguar Mark V Sedan or as impressive as your 5-tier cake design, and decide to enroll in bridal dance lessons in Sydney.

Whether your fiancé chose you for your dancing ability or lack thereof, you’re going to need to exude confidence and class when all eyes are on you and your partner as you emerge from cake eating to throw off some moves. A good dance will impress your guests, while a bad one will live long in the memory.

The questionable repetitive and minimal movements that have proven so versatile in various social situations are not going to suffice for the biggest day of your life. You’re going to need to take bridal dance lessons Sydney to be sure of avoiding the latter.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should invest in bridal dance lessons in Sydney.



Look awesome on your wedding day

If you can impress your fiancé and onlookers with your moves then you’re going to look and feel great. You’re going to enjoy dancing, your partner is not going to be left regretting the contract they have just signed, and your guests are going to look on in awe. Your wedding day will be closer to the perfect day you envisaged in your dreams and just for the price of a few bridal dance lessons in Sydney.


Increase confidence

By building up an inventory of moves that you know will impress, you will get rid of any dancing fears. Instead of being dragged centre stage kicking and screaming, once vows have been exchanged, food consumed, and speeches endured, you’ll be itching to bust out your new-found moves.

Increased confidence is linked to other benefits that will leave you feeling happier, such as better health and sleep, greater success in achievement of goals, more fruitful conversations, and less stress.


No more two left feet for life

The moves you learn at bridal dance lessons in Sydney will not expire after your wedding day. You can leave the cringey imaginary lasso, futile attempts to moonwalk, and Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box at home – forever.


Say bye-bye to calories

Dancing has health benefits as well as social benefits. As you move around, you’ll be increasing your metabolic rate which will increase the rate at which your body burns calories. Think of all those calories you’ll be burning at bridal dance lessons in Sydney, meaning they will not only fine tune your limbs to a beat but also help you get in shape. That means you can feel less guilty about all the food that will inevitably be consumed on wedding day.


A chance to de-stress

The complexity of modern life can leave us with a heavy load of stress that can easily be overwhelming and harmful to our mental health. Bridal dance lessons in Sydney provide an opportunity to relax, have fun, and forget about the pile of paperwork you have to work through. By the time you re-encounter that pile of paperwork, you’ll be feeling refreshed and more positive, helping influence greater success in other aspects of your life.

How To Select Your Personal Dentist

woman smiling with her teeth out

The market of finding a dentist might be long and complex, as the city of Sydney is littered with oral health professionals.


Given that there is no shortage of operators who cater to this populous community, the responsibility is on you to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible.


Professionals in this field are adamant that your oral health not only provides care to your teeth and gums, but there are other internal issues that are affected by this department.


By having a reliable practice that offers the best quality care, may it be on dental implant in Hawkesbury, tooth implantation, tooth removal or any other dental service, you can rest easy knowing that a biannual checkup will fight disease and have you in the best possible condition.


So how can you identify a professional that you can personally count on?


Here we will examine some of the outstanding features that separates the good from the great practitioners when it comes to dentistry.


Great Communication

A dentist should firstly be defined by how well they communicate to you as a patient. From the moment you pick up the phone and reach the secretary desk or walk through the door, you should be treated courteously and with a degree of urgency. The treatment types and prices should be explained as well as any of the rebates that are provided by the practice. Each and every studio when it comes to dentistry will be unique and its capacity to communicate its principles and practices will help you decide if they are the ones to look after your oral health needs.


Healthy Wait Time

There is one element that is rarely discussed when looking for a dentist. This is in relation to the wait time. Too much of a wait time and you are simply spending time on a couch having to wrestle for your appointment to be made relevant. If the wait time is minimal, that might speak to a low demand and a lack of faith by the local community in their standing and expertise. A healthy balance should be experienced where you are waiting between 10-20 minutes for your appointment.


Flexible Pricing Structure

There is little doubt that any dentist worth your time and money should offer a pricing structure that is flexible and understanding of your own circumstances. Given all of the common expenses that are spent during a working week, it is any wonder that a dental appointment might not be considered within your budget in an immediate sense. From government rebates to health insurance premiums, you should be able to strike a good deal that prevents a 100% up front payment.


Personal Recommendation

If you are part of the North-West region of Sydney, then finding a dentist should come down to the amount and quality of personal recommendations. From close friends, family members or professional colleagues, you should come into contact with a number of people who can pass on advice as to their own experiences. Speak to them about their oral health history and who they acquired to cater to fillings, root canal therapies, checkups, braces and other requirements. If it is a positive discussion and a quality recommendation, then open up a dialogue and book an appointment.



No one can understand what the expertise of your dentist will be until you physically show up for an appointment and have them cater to your needs. Ideally this first time booking will only be a checkup as that will be a soft first contact that won’t require much than eliminating some plaque from your teeth. Yet there is no need to feel as though you owe one practice anything, as the dentistry market in North-West Sydney is vast and competitive, giving you plenty of options.


Everything to Know About Your Driving Assessment iCare

A man driving on his car

There are plenty of Australian out there who may have heard of driving assessment iCare, but will have no idea about what it actually is. The reason for this is that this isn’t relevant to all of the population. This service is specifically designed to help those in need who are looking for help when it comes to getting behind the wheel. There can be many scenarios in life that can pop up and can interfere with someone’s ability to handle their vehicle. For example, someone may experience an accident, may suffer from an injury, or may experience some other kind of event that will impact their abilities and capabilities. As this is the case, there are many professionals out there who will offer driving assessment iCare, which is the test that individuals will take after working with an expert that will decide if they are capable to stay behind the wheel or not. This type of service is usually offered by trained professionals who are not only occupational therapists but are also trained to drive. They will usually collaborate with government agencies and non-government agencies such as Veterans Affair to ensure that anyone out there who is needing help will receive it in a professional and timely manner. As this is such an important service, this article will explore the topic a little further.


What else can companies that offer driving assessment iCare help with?

One of the many great things about these kinds of services is that they are able to help with several different areas. For example, professionals are able to help with building confidence, vehicle modification, cognitive improvement as well as much more. Individuals are able to receive simple but important advice that will put them on the right track when it comes to getting back behind the wheel and they are also able to have their abilities professionally evaluated to see if they are ready to operate a vehicle once again. The results of the evaluations can then be easily passed on to the necessary places such as government agencies or non-government agencies. This makes things really easy for clients and all they have to focus on is practicing and implementing the advice that they are given. People also feel safe when they implement these kinds of services because staff are usually experienced, polite, and friendly. This is important when it comes to such a sensitive area as most people equate operating their vehicle with independence.


What can be expected from driving assessment iCare

When it comes times for individuals to be evaluated, they can expect a few different things to occur. One of the first things that people can expect to happen is that they will sit down with a professional and chat about their health history. This way they can get a better idea of how to help and can see if the issue is solvable or if it is going to be long term. A professional will usually also give a physical evaluation. From there an on-road evaluation will usually occur which will look at the individual’s skills and any limitations that there may be. From there, professionals will discuss the outcome and will make a detailed plan for how they are able to move forward safely. For example, it may be recommended that someone purchases a certain vehicle modification such as postural support, or small ramp to help get into the vehicle. As it can be seen, driving assessment iCare is very important when it comes to keeping individuals safe on the road.


The Busy Life of Criminal Solicitors in Sydney

yellow ribbon indicating crime scene

Criminal solicitors in Sydney find their career rewarding, but the honest truth is, it’s a notoriously busy and often competitive life. Busyness is equated to success, in the eyes of the law firm, colleagues, and the lawyers themselves. We’ve gathered some insights to learn a little about the lawyer lifestyle.


After law school criminal solicitors Sydney need to work at least a year – that is, a year of lots of long days – to reach goals like being called to the bar. The competition never ends, from grades at uni, to getting that first job in a law firm, to staying busy, as being seen as busy means being seen as a good lawyer.


A day in the life of a lawyer


Criminal solicitors in Sydney almost always start the day early, at 9am or earlier if there’s urgent prep work to be done, and can finish up at the office well after 5pm. If there is an upcoming deadline there will probably be reading and phone calls after leaving the office too.


They will dress in smart, conservative attire. Traditionally lawyers have their own offices, but there has been an increase in open-plans. This means everyone can see what everyone is doing, reinforcing the need to look busy.


While many of us hold the the glamorous image that criminal solicitors in Sydney are speaking to exciting court cases everyday and the like, the reality is many spend their day at a desk in front of a computer. You tend to hear, however, that there’s no such thing as a typical week, keeping the job interesting.


Criminal solicitors in Sydney have a lot on their plate every day. Some of the things they do on a daily basis include…

  • Reading
  • Replying to emails and phone calls
  • Meetings, for example with experts in prep for a trial
  • Writing reports


Too busy?

Criminal solicitors in Sydney also can fall into what’s known as the ‘busy trap’. That is, in addition to being on the go all the time trying to stay on top of paperwork and whatnot, a feeling of guilt comes up when not doing something of the sort.


This can make it hard to fully switch off and relax. It’s understandable given that the work often comes home with the lawyer, not necessarily ending when the business day ends. Criminal solicitors in Sydney  can feel a little blurring of the lines between their lawyer life and the rest of life.


This ‘busy’ mindset crosses over into other areas of life. Similarly, when busy in home and social life, criminal solicitors in Sydney feel better. You may find your lawyer friends with a busy social life outside of work too. A  busy social calendar full drinks and other meet-ups.


Why it’s important for criminal solicitors in Sydney to slow down a little?

A busy lifestyle to this degree appears to come with cost though. Those working in law hold one of the highest rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues, out of all career areas.


Between the heavy workloads, high expectations, and highly competitive nature of the profession, criminal solicitors in Sydney  are under high pressure, to say the least. This can cause in them a lot of persistent distress.


It is hence important to…

  1. Continue reducing stigma around mental health adversities
  2. Encourage awareness of signs of distress along with communication
  3. Encourage more self-care practices among criminal solicitors in Sydney

Build more supportive legal firms – including in-house supportive spaces where help is accessible and mental health programs.

The dating game

The dating industry has exploded in recent years with the advent and increased popularity of smart phones. While once it was viewed as a way for desperate singles to find a date, apps such as tinder have catapulted it into the mainstream. The dating industry is now worth $2 billion in the US alone while it is mostly popular among internet users between the ages of 18-29, with 30% saying they have used an internet dating app in the past year.

Technology has played a big part in the new dating landscape but what exactly has changed? Why are users happier using dating apps than ever before?

  1. Fun

Using dating apps isn’t a serious time investment anymore. Gone are the days of putting in a host of information about yourself and the ideal partner you want to find. Signing in with Facebook or a different social media profile puts paid to this. Users can create an account within a minute and start finding the one they’re looking for.

  1. Gimmicks

One of the fun aspects of dating apps are the new gimmicks that are brought to the table. No longer do you need to scroll through a list of profiles of people who will have no interest in you. Tinder introduced the swiping function to choose who you want to talk to while the newer dating app, Bumble, took it a step further and forces the girl to make the first move within the first 24 hours of matching. This was developed to counteract the common complaint of spamming. Another app on the market allows you to set up a profile for a friend to act as a wingman. The ways in which to find an “other half” seem endless.

  1. Success-rate

So, while the newer apps are fun and have plenty of different selling points, from apps purely for “geeks” to those that track if you cross paths in real life, the real attraction is that they can actually work. Collecting data over years has allowed the older apps to perfect their algorithms and people can use them in the hope that they will find someone they like.

While dating may seem like something that shouldn’t be taken too seriously, this is not the case for the businesses involved who can stand to make millions. The industry is growing worldwide, worth over $1 billion in China, and shows no sign of slowing down.